Hey It’s Okay: Christmas Edition


Hey It’s Okay…

To plan to do all your christmas shopping early but end up running around the shops on December 24th for everything!

To want to put your christmas tree up in November.

To not be able to wrap presents as neat as your parents. Even when you’re 24.

To not want to get up at 8am on christmas day.

To not get dressed on christmas day…

…or to get totally dressed up on christmas day.

To drink a little  a lot more than planned.

If you don’t have much money to spend, it’s the thought that counts.

To get excited like a child and not be able to sleep on christmas eve.

To be more excited at the 2 days off work than the presents.

To eat more than 1 christmas dinner.

and finally…

It’s okay to hope it snows on christmas day because, well that’s the dream isn’t it?


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