Make up: Things I am so bad at it hurts.


Rather than show you what i can do with make up – I wanted to talk about what i fail miserably at when it comes to make up. Not all women are masters at make up and some are better at contouring than others while a small percentage have mastered the cat eye perfectly. Me not so much.

Beauty things i am bad at:


Yeah. What. I always see images of how to contour for your face shape but i always end up looking like i’ve been hit with mud or i’ve worn foundation too light for me in certain places. I think i may have to invest in a good contouring kit so i can practise! watch this space!


My eyelids have annoying creases in them which means whenever i apply eyeshadow it falls into the crease throughout the day and by the end of the day i end up with one line of gunky eyeshadow on my eyelids. eww right. I have some very good eyelid primer but i’m too afraid to use it. The other eyeshadow issue i have is i cannot blend eyeshadow to save my life. It always ends up looking like i’m a 5 year old playing with her mother’s make up bag. Bad times.

HD Brows

I fill in my brows so they look a bit more full and complete for day to day life however, I have tried to line my brows to resemble HD brows but it could not go more wrong. I looked like those girls you see with the eyebrows running into their ears and looking like upside down Nike logos. Not a good look. I think i’ll just stick to filling them in in a subtle way as normal.


This needs no explanation – we all have those disasters where one is thicker than the other or the flick ends up totally different on one eye. Either that or i accidentally slip and eyeline my entire face. Anyone else ever done that?

There you have it. Everyone has make up they just cannot master – what’s yours?


16 thoughts on “Make up: Things I am so bad at it hurts.”

  1. I am right there with you – I cannot contour! It doesn’t matter how many step by step tutorials I watch, I just cannot crack it. I think I am going to have to invest in a proper kit rather than trying to make-do with what I have!
    Wonderful post, it shows people that although we love beauty and make-up, we are not masters of it 😊
    Natalie x

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  2. I can’t contour or use liquid liner to save my life. Lol attempt that eyeshadow primer though and get you a good blending crease brush! Primer changed my sister’s life because she has really oily lids and was having creasing problems too. Good luck!

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  3. Make up is individual and is meant to simply enhance your natural beauty that you already have. I think you look beautiful and I wouldn’t worry so much about how to do things are certain way. Just do whatever works for you and whatever makes you feel good about yourself. ❀ xo

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  4. Want to learn to contour so badly! Would love to have artificial cheek bones and with eye liner, have you tried using angle brush and black eye shadow? It’s my panacea because I always fail at getting perfect when I use normal eye liners

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  5. I am terrible at getting my eyebrows to look symmetrical! I know people say “eyebrows are sisters not twins” but some days I will spend too much time on them! My life goal is to conquer the art of eyebrows!!
    Lauren xx

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