Dream Dots* – Overnight Treatment for Spots!

Dream Dots

Oh how we’ve longed for a quick treatment for those pesky spots, well here it is! Dream Dots* is the overnight spot treatment which actually works!

Basically it’s a patch you put over your spots which seals it in and creates an atmosphere which is perfectly PH balanced and reduces spots and calms those ones that hurt by cushioning the nerve endings! Result!

Now, i was very suspicious at first, go to bed with all these stickers on my face and wake up spot free? So i decided to try it.

Here are the small skin patches:

Dream Dots Dots

You simply peel and apply to the skin (once you’ve cleansed and dried the area to make sure it’s make up and gunk free). They fit to the contours of your face beautifully.

I had one of those under the skin painful spots developing just next to my nose which i knew wasn’t going to be gone for a while so what better time to use one to test! I cleansed and applied one of the patches – i put 2 more on too, just in case they work and i can maximise spot reduction!

Apologies for the awful pictures but it was necessary to show you how good this product is!

Dream Dots Before Dream Dots On Dream Dots After 2

As you can see in the first picture my skin was very red around my nose! Cue the dream dots & my second picture shows what they look like on, they blend into your skin! The third picture is after – the redness has gone around my nose and there is only a teeny tiny red dot and the bump under my skin has gone.

Dream dots are amazing and i won’t hesitate to reach for them if i feel a spot coming on! These are amazingly handy if you have a big night out or one of those end of your nose spots which make up just won’t cover!

Have a look at their website Dreamdotsforspots here! You can also follow them on twitter @DreamDotsHQ  ! They give you how to’s and reviews and you can order from the website too. You can get a pack of 24 dots for €14.95 (approx. £11 or $19 ) or 48 dots for €24.95 (approx. £20 or $31)

Have you tried these? if not you should!


*This was a free sample provided by Dream Dots

10 thoughts on “Dream Dots* – Overnight Treatment for Spots!”

  1. Great post Bev, I don’t usually get a lot of spots apart from the odd under the skin one (funnily enough near my nose too) and its mega sore. Must keep an eye out as these are definitely handy to have!! K x


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