My Daily Face – A Walkthrough

Daily face - before and after

I love reading through posts about the daily make up people use and what their daily face looks like. So much so that i decided to talk you (and show you) through mine! I think it’s perfect for work and a simple barely there make up look!

Here are my go to daily products for my face, eyes and lips –

Daily Face - face

For a day to day basis i first use a primer to make sure my make up stays set and doesn’t run off my face. I love the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer. Once this has set i apply my foundation – Clinique superbalanced foundation is amazing and glides onto your skin and if you get matched up to your colour at your local Clinique counter it doesn’t leave you orange. To set this, i use Rimmel Stay Matte powder (im all about the oil free with my super oily skin). Finally, to give me a bit of a glow so i don’t look like Caspar the friendly ghost – Rimmel Pink Blush.

Rimmel is great as it’s great quality and is available on the high street and doesn’t cost the earth. Result.

Daily Face - eyesMy Eyes are my favourite thing to accentuate with make up. I would not leave the house with out mascara on! I picked up the W7 Brow Bar from my local B&M (yes, i know but i was curious) and it’s really good. It has 4 colours so you can mix to create your perfect brow. To set this i use my Glossybox product More Brows to brush over the hairs – it keeps them in place all day. Finish with a lick of Essence Mascara or Clinique Mascara!

Daily Face - lips

& my most recent purchases, my Clinique Chubby Sticks (check out my post on them here)! These are colourful and make winter seem less dark and dreary!

So now you’ve seen the products i use, have a look at my daily face at the different stages:

Daily face - before

The dreaded before!

Daily Face - Blush

Primer, Foundation & Blush on!

Daily Face - eyebrows

Eyebrows, done! (excuse the odd fringe, it was so you could actually see them!)

Daily Face - eyelashes

Mascara on!

Daily Face - lipsstick

Lipstick – present!

Daily face finished

Et voila!

My Finished daily face!

Would anyone like to see a post like this for my evening face? Let me know below!


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