3 Reasons your blog isn’t doing as well as you want it too.

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We all want our blogs to automatically go viral, to be up there with the top blogs with thousands of views upwards per day. You might wonder why this isn’t happening to you and here are the top 3 reasons:

1) Your content & title don’t match.

You want to write a fashion blog but instead find yourself writing about baking, travel and farming animals. Suddenly your blog title of Fashionmecrazy.com doesn’t seem so relevant. Make sure you chose a blog name not associated directly with one certain niche, you can then change your content when you find exactly what you want to write about.

2) You don’t promote your content.Β 

Writing is a post is all well and good but who is going to see it if you don’t link it up to social media? It will just sit in the huge cavern that is the blogging world and only a few may see it. Social media can reach on average 6,000+ people per day per post. Get yourself out there!

And finally –

3) You expect too much.Β 

You have posted your first blog post – an hour later only 5 people have read it. DO NOT WORRY. 5 people is better than 0 and eventually if you follow the points above, that 5 will turn into 500. People will not flock to your blog just because 1 post has gone up. Be consistent and unique and you will get there. Plus, it’s not all about the followers πŸ˜‰


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