Hair Update: I did it again!


If you all saw the post i did on keeping a hair diary (if you want to read, take a peek here) so i could make progress with my hair growth & condition, i have an update. The above picture was taken a week ago and i’m pretty happy with how it looks generally, apart from the dodgy fringe kink my hair seems to do and it doesn’t sit flat EVER.

A few days later, i took another picture (i was getting ready for work so excuse the attire):


Length – still exactly the same – fringe trimmed and therefore less thick and flick-y. progress!

Then i went and did this:

Fringe Hair

Return of the fringe!Β 

Now, as i’ve said before, i have a love hate relationship with my fringe but i’m trying to get to a point where i don’t try and grow it out. I WILL get there! Help me please.

Everyone has said (so far) that it looks nice. Lets see how long i ride this one out for then – i’ll make sure there’s another update soon!

Please tell me the hair doesn’t look ridiculous… or if it does, tell me and i can sort it!

Ta x


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