A post dedicated to my followers: Wednesday Edition.


A picture of pascal, he wanted to be in on the action, why not eh!? Welcome to another day of my featured blog posts! Today i will be featuring 3 bloggers :

Effy Talks Life 

Efia’s blog is so lovely! Her layout is beautiful and i love reading her posts (although i’m fairly new to her blog, i still have a lot to read through)!. She does posts on recipes, reviews, fashion, beauty and adventures! Something for everyone! I love this post on how to create a good ‘about me’ page, you can check it out here! Make sure you have a look through the other posts too, there’s something for everyone on her blog!

You can follow the links above or on twitter @the_chadd or on bloglovin here!


Marley Justine 

I’m a newbie to marley’s blog but i love reading about her wedding plans! Check out this post she did about her favourite wedding films/tv shows which i can safely say i 100% agree with! LOVE my best friends wedding. She also does DIY posts which we all love such as this post on a home diy nail brightening soak which you can make at home with things you already own! I hope to see more of this wedding planning!

Follow the above links or on twitter at @marljust_ and here on bloglovin!

Olivia Cheryl 

Olivia’s blog is so cute! I’ve just been reading this post about her getting herself a new job and treating herself in style (think lots of beauty products! Have a read for yourself here! She also has a post on her photo shoot with her partner Mell and she has shared the photo’s with us here, they are beautiful so you should definitely check them out! Keep up the great posts girl!

Follow her on the above links or on twitter @_OliviaCheryl !


There are my 3 featured blogs for today, 3 more tomorrow! Make sure you check out all the blogs i’ve featured so far this week as they are all great and need your support!


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