Hey it’s okay: Blogger Edition


Hey it’s okay:

– to not know what you want to blog about.

Your blog grows with you and eventually, you will find your niche.

– to change your theme/design/header as often as you want.

Change is good and some things become outdated.

– not to post every single day.

A lot of people don’t have time for it & it’s better to post when you have a good quality post rather than ‘ok’ posts every day.

– to envy other bloggers. 

There will always be those bloggers whose posts or blog design you are jealous of and this is healthy.

– to say no to brands/PR firms sometimes. 

Not everything you are offered will fit in to your blog & you writing about products you aren’t passionate about will show.

– to ask to be paid for your time.

You work hours on a post for a brand time after time and can sometimes not feel worth it. Make sure they know what your terms are and if they’re not willing to work with you, they can’t be that good a brand.

– to aim to beat your previous days views on your blog. 

We are all secretly competitive and no one can deny they check their blog stats regularly (it’s good knowing there are some people who read your posts after all).

& finally –

– It’s okay to be different! 

There are so many blogs out there and who says the most popular are beauty & fashion blogs? I know some great lifestyle blogs about art, theatre and books so get doing what you love & quit worrying about what everyone else is doing!


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