A post dedicated to my followers: Tuesday Edition


Hurray for my 2nd featured post of the week! Today it’s time for me to introduce to your 4 more lovely bloggers!

Holly’s lifestyle, Fashion & Fantasy Football blog 

Hollys blog is a mixture of things as you can tell by the title! Her latest post outlines a blogger challenge she is currently taking part in and it looks pretty good so i might have to join in! She writes about personal issues such as meeting and leaving people as well as blogging about some fantasy football teams each week! You can learn more about her by checking out this post here which is 25 facts about Holly!

Click the links about to follow Holly or Follow her on twitter @fplfashion or on bloglovin here


Fantasy Football Fiend

This is a blog run by Max Goldbart and is a community for those who love fantasy football! It’s a blog which reviews what’s happened in the fantasy football week and could be a great way to keep up with your fantasy football team (i can never figure out how to do them or who is any good!). The posts preview and review matches and after reading a few of them, a lot of information is given such as information about players as well as musings about what may happen in the future.

This is a relatively new blog so get over there and show some love! Click the link above or follow on twitter @fantasyfiend1 


Vix Meldrew

Her twitter says “teacher, blogger, moaner” & even this makes me want to read her blog! Vicky talks about everything which interests her from her monthly favourite products to depression. She covers a lot of topics but they are always well written and insightful! You can check out her post about depression here (it’s an amazing post & i think more people need to see it) but also read this post 10 things we all do when we’re alone as it made me laugh so much!

I love Vicky’s blog, get yourself there by clicking on the above links or follow her on twitter @VixMeldrew


Unexpected Geek

Siobhan’s blog is a mixture of things, she loves make up, disney and lots of geeky things so her posts are definitely worth a read. For her most recent one, she turned herself into a mermaid (!) – have a look & a read here!

& She’s already talking christmas & food! Have a read of this post where she checks out coast to coast’s christmas menu. jealous! I love this blog as it’s a bit of everything and there’s always something for someone to read & you should too!

Click on the links above or follow her on twitter @thisgirlsiobhan or on bloglovin here! 


So there are my 4 featured blogs, there will be another 4 tomorrow! Send me your link if you want to be featured and i shall 🙂

Please have a look through the above blogs as they are great 🙂


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