A post dedicated to my followers: Monday edition.


If you follow me on twitter you would have seen i reached 500 followers yesterday & decided to do a little giving back to the people who have helped me and read what i have wrote 🙂 So over the next week i will be writing a post every day featuring some of you beautiful people. You can send me your link via twitter (@beverbeee) or i will pick random people from my followers! 🙂

So, here are the 4 lovely bloggers i am featuring today:

Prompts by Dee 

Dee writes about theatre, adventures & everything in between. She is a regular at twitter chats and is always available to help other’s out with advice or just general chit chat! She hasn’t been blogging long but her blog is beautiful & her most recent post gives us an insight into her October favourites! You can check this out here! (Spolier – it includes a variety of things such as music & food!) I rarely see blogs like Dee’s where beauty isn’t the main focus and i love it! It’s something different to read which is why i’m a regular on Dee’s twitter & blog. She is also someone who you can get along with really well!

Find her by clicking on the link above, find her on twitter using @PromptsByDee or here on Bloglovin!



This is Jemma. She started her blog to let out her creativity and show it off to the world & it definitely comes across in her posts! In one of her most recent posts, Jemma let us take a look into her art journal which is fascinating. You can find it here. I love the bird page with the string art, it’s so good! Again, Jemma is a regular on twitter chats & i do not hesitate to help her out if she needs it! As with Dee’s blog, Jemma’s is different. It includes posts about art & about her life which is so good to read! She’s also amazing at helping other’s out on twitter – check it out for yourself.

Find here blog from the links above or follow @dorkfaceblog in twitter and here on bloglovin


Annie Writes Beauty

This lovely individual lives on the south coast (jealous!) Her Instagram is full of lovely pictures which i enjoy browsing when i have a moment (it’s always nice to see what other people are up to!). Also, her blog seems to feature my dreams – lush products, body shop products and so many others i want to try because she has intrigued me! I was looking at JorgObé for ages but wasn’t sure if it would be any good but then i found this post on her blog & i think i’ll have to purchase soon!

Find her on the above links, follow @alicespake on twitter, here on bloglovin or follow her Instagram here!


& Finally:

A South Wales Blog 

This is Ffion. I am relatively new to reading her blog but i already love it! She writes about whatever comes to her, whether that be about lifestyle or family time, birthdays or work/education. Some of her posts focus on those things we hardly ever see on young adults blogs such as online dating, bullying and feminism. She’s not afraid to voice her opinions and i love this! You can find more about her in this post here! Her writing is great and really draws you in, you should definitely check her out!

Find her on the above links or follow @AWelshBlog on twitter and get her on bloglovin here


More will be featured tomorrow, if you want to be featured, leave your link on my twitter & maybe give me a little follow too 🙂

Give these blogs a read and if you like them as much as i do, then follow them and keep up to date and you don’t want to miss their posts and these girls are going places!

Much love!


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