My Dexter Inspired Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nails

I’m not one for fancy costumes for Halloween but i saw loads of great nail art and i thought what better way to get involved with Halloween without trying to find a costume and voila!

My Dexter inspired blood spatter nails.

What you need:

White Nail Polish.

Red Nail Polish.

Some form of Cuticle protection.

Floor Protection.

A Straw.

Nail Polish Remover.

Cotton Wool Pads.

The How To:

– Paint your nails white (or a colour of your choice but white seems to be most effective)

– Put your chosen floor protection down (i used a Primark bag but newspaper is good etc)

– Put cuticle protection on, there’s some gel thing you can get to put on and then it just peels off but if in doubt use whatever works for you. I failed at this and then had a major red nail polish disaster).

– Dip end of straw into red nail polish, however over nail and blow. It helps not to go too close or you end up with too much red and not enough splatter.

– Repeat with all other nails.

– Wait for the polish to dry.

– Clean around the nails with polish remover and cotton wool pads (took me ages as i got red polish EVERYWHERE)

– Cover over with a clear polish if you want to.


Mittens Gloves

This post also gave me chance to show off my new mittens/gloves which were hand knitted by Owains mum for my Birthday! πŸ™‚

I LOVE THEM. Plus, they look cool with my nails.

What do you think? πŸ™‚


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