My Everyday Holy Grail Hair Products

hair products tresemme batiste

Happy Friday! I realised the other day there are 3 hair products i use on a regular basis which i could not live without! AND due to my recent post on hair care and trying to monitor my hair growth and not destroying it i thought i’d share my favourites!

Batiste Dry Shampoo – I don’t know how i ever lived without this stuff. Okay, i do, i washed my hair everyday and it became limp and got greasy a few hours later. Naive. This helps me get through a couple of days without washing if i’m clever about when i wash my hair – For example, if i have a day off work and i don’t plan on leaving the house, my hair will stay unwashed and untouched to give it a good rest!

Pick this up in your local supermarket for around £4 – it varies depending on size and product but this is the best i’ve tried!

Tresemmé Heat Defence – I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a heat protection on my hair before i blow dry or straighten. I normally try and air dry but for days when i need to use heat, i use heat protection. When you put your straighteners on your hair, you trap and boil the hair so this helps A LOT!

This serum is about £3 at Superdrug and possibly different elsewhere but Tresemmé normally have some good deals on.

Tresemmé Liquid Gold – This is an Argan Oil based product. You can apply it to damp or dry hair. The great thing about this is it’s Argan Oil so you know it’s good for you hair. Plus, when you apply it to dry hair, it doesn’t go greasy, it dries into your hair. AND the smell is amazing. mmm. Smells like fresh hairdresser smell. I know what i mean!

This is £6.99 at Boots, it’s small and a bit pricey but Argan Oil. That is all.

Does anyone have any good hair products/serums/oils which are worth it and really help with dry split ends! HELP 🙂


9 thoughts on “My Everyday Holy Grail Hair Products”

  1. I think I might be one of the only people ever who hasn’t tried Batiste yet! I’ll definitely have to pick it up at some point because I”m not a huge fan of my current dry shampoo.


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