My Hair Diary…

My Hair October 2014

For the life of me i cannot grow my hair. I have tried and tried and failed. It gets to a stage just below my shoulders and i either go bold and cut it all off again OR it’s got so limp and lifeless i HAVE to cut it short again. So i thought it was time to try and grow it a bit longer and give myself some motivation by sharing it with the world!

Above is my hair at the moment – it’s blonde and just reaches my shoulder. I recently had a split ends trim.

Here are some of the various hair lengths and styles i’ve had over the years:

Photo on 07-08-2014 at 19_Fotor


Photo on 29-07-2014 at 18_Fotor



You may notice whatever colour my hair is, it’s always been shoulder length. Fringe is variable.

Now, i need your tips on how to help my hair grow! I’ve made sure i’m not washing it everyday or using heat everyday. I also deep condition it twice a week and use a hair mask.

Is there anything you guys can recommend which works for you?

I’m going to take a picture of my hair every 2 days and i’m going to make a timeline over a month to see if i’m progressing! I find just looking at my hair each day myself doesn’t look any different to me so having it in front of me will hopefully show my progress!

I’ll post an update this time next month!


24 thoughts on “My Hair Diary…”

  1. Personally, I think your hairs lovely as it is but I swear by not over brushing my hair and occasionally massaging the scalp. My hair used to be rib length but I’ve recently had a couple of inches taken off. I do think it’s about genetics too although I get that that’s not helpful. Massaging the scalp, avoiding over brushing and too much hair handling might be worth a go though. L x

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  2. Don’t know how you feel about extensions, but I know A LOT of people who have had them put in and because you’re not paying attention to your actual hair and aren’t styling is as much, as the weight of the extensions keep it looking nice without heat the difference when you have them taken out a few months down the line is amazing. xx

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  3. I would really recommend the vitamins Biotin and Sea Kelp, they seem to pretty much double the rate my hair grows. Also egg masks and mayonnaise masks, they’re both virtually pure protein so that helps. Look forward to seeing how you get on! x

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  4. Great post Bev, you have such lovely hair! Unfortunately I have no suggestions other than considering a permanent loose spiral perm… personally I think it would add a good bit of body and you can pretty much wash, quickly style and go (no aching arms from straightening etc) I however have the opposite problem, too much hair with too much volume – fancy a swap?! šŸ˜€ Karen x

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      1. Ahhh, what a shame – could be a good option once your reach your goal though! Hopefully you’ll find something that will have give you lovely long locks in no time. Maybe you should pop into Sallys to ask if they have any products that might be helpful. Or (as bizarre as it may seem) try Holland & Barrett, they often have natural remedies for all sorts of things. Just a thought šŸ™‚ Good luck & keep us posted on your progress x

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  5. Defo recommend an egg mask – whisk 2 eggs and pour over hair in the shower, massage in well. Let it sit while you do the rest of your shower then rinse well. Just watch the temperature as although its never happened to me I have heard horror stories of the eggs scrambling on your hair if the shower is boiling! I know it sounds yuk but my hair is finally starting to grow past my shoulders and is always so shiny and soft after an egg mask! x

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  6. Coconut oil is REALLY good for hair. It makes it shiny and strong. Just be aware that a little goes a long way (a tiny bit, and I seriously mean a teensy tiny bit, is enough for one day). Also, try different keratin shampoos and (as someone mentioned above as well) biotin shampoo and supplements might help as well. I also heard that apple cider vinegar is good to improve hair health and stop hair loss. I hope this helps! šŸ™‚

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  7. I hate when my hair hits that awkward length… but because I want to grow out it too I just put it in a bun that way no one has to see how bad it looks lol I don’t have any tips on it growing… just stay strong and don’t get it cut again!! šŸ˜› I had a friend who wanted to grow it out too but she’d be back in the salon getting a hair cut like every month, I told her “It’s never gonna grow if you keep cutting it!” I guess that’s my advice haha


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  8. Eat Haribogood bears. The gelatine in them promotes hair and nail growth. Also use a good shampoo and conditioner. And most importantly stop fretting about it. Your hair is yours to enjoy not to cause you sleepless nights. best of luck

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  9. I really really really recommend :
    – weekly or bi-weekly oil massage scalp to tip. I mix Argan with castor, coconut and black seed oil in 1:1 ratios, they’re incredible for hair. Take your time massaging your scalp, it circulates the blood well. Leave it in over night if you can, just wrap a towel around. Think of it as overnight therapy.. I swear by this, my hair is way past my shoulders now and soft and healthy. Wash it off with any shampoo. Of course you can find other oils but I find these work best, alone or together.
    – taking hair vitamins
    – shower at night, smooth in leave in conditioners and allow your hair to air dry, style lightly in the morning. This avoids unnecessary heat drying from tools. I barely use my hair dryer any more, just on occasions. I embraced my wavy hair. ā¤

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