My Self imposed Spending Ban!

Spending Ban

I cannot save money if someone told me they’d pay me £1 million if i saved £200 for one month. I don’t know why. I like to think i’ll be okay and then it gets closer to my next payday and then all of a sudden i have a measly 30p left. 😦

So, ready for my travels to NYC in March, i have decided i NEED to save. I don’t want too, i NEED too. Otherwise i will end up ruining my holiday & it’s NYC, so it can not be ruined!

Plus, there’s christmas to think of too. OH DEAR GOD CHRISTMAS.

Here are my spending ban rules!

So, I’ve currently have about £30 in my purse at the moment & no plans for anything until friday. So, on Friday, i should still have £30. This is my aim for this week. LAME i know, but it’s a start.

Friday, i am heading to Manchester to buy myself a lovely new coat as a gift to me for my birthday & will get some food. So this is one of those treat yo’ self days :).

My birthday is this weekend but i’m not planning on anything big so this should be fairly cheap 🙂

I shall give you all an update next week to let you know where i am on my Spending Ban!

Fingers Crossed this actually works! I need all the help i can get! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Self imposed Spending Ban!”

  1. Good luck! I know EXACTLY how hard it is to save money; I literally have the same problem. What I’ve found useful is making a money jar and putting away some money (set an amount for yourself) every time you get paid or at the end of the month, whatever you haven’t spent. You can watch the pile grow and it’ll motivate you to save 🙂


  2. Same here! I need to save some money! I actually made a little coin bank for myself and every few days or once a week I will put in it all the 2$ and 1$ that I can find in my wallet. This is a little thing to do, but I think over time I will get some good amount of money, just buy doing this! And the best, is that it will not affect me much. Also I save some bigger amounts somewhere else, but a coin bank is an additional way 🙂

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  3. Good luck you can do it, I always find if I have it in cash I think more than if I pay by card. Try leaving your card at home, getting cash out at the weekend and only been allowed to spend the cash any left over at the end you put to the side. x

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