Glossybox – October Pop Art Box!

Glossybox Pop Art

October’s Glossybox is here! Since the sneak peek i got after the September box, i’ve been waiting for this with baited breath and now it’s finally here! So, say hello to this months products! There are some instant hits and some i’ll have to try out before i can tell.

First things first, the box. Oh, the box. So bright and colourful and pop art and hilarious for the postman walking down the road with a bright yellow box saying ‘whooosh’ on the side. Big love to all the postmen & women delivering these all over the country. I haven’t saved my packaging to show you as i had an overload of cardboard & forgot to take a picture, but you get the idea from the description above. Basically think bright yellow.

The outside of the box is as above, the first box i’ve had with a picture on it! Which is a lot different to the normal pale pink box. I keep my boxes to store my make up & hair products in so this is a great addition!

What’s in the box? 


Rimmel BB Cream in Light: Être belle liplift peel: Ciaté paint pot in Big Yellow Taxi: So Susan flutter mascara: Nuxe Paris Crème fraiche masque: Yves Rocher Quelques Notes D’Amour perfume.

IMG_0069 IMG_0067 IMG_0065

The favourites:

Ciaté paint pot in Big Yellow Taxi! – I loooove Ciaté, the cute little bow on the front, the range of colours, the quality of the polish. This was an instant hit, plus my favourite colour is yellow! You can see what i did with this colour on my nails here in my previous post. 

Yves Rocher Quelques Notes D’Amour perfume – I had never tried this before, but on opening the box i put some on and i couldn’t shut up about it. It’s a lovely fragrance. I know everyone has different preferences for perfume but i really liked this one which i didn’t expect too (sorry!). I’ve been wearing it for work for the past few days. mmm.

The So So’s:

Rimmel BB Cream in Light – The package said light but as you can see from the picture below – it’s still too dark on my skin. I am a very pale person & i feel that Rimmel could benefit from making a really pale range, as unless i mix this with some white mixer, it’s not going to be for me 😦

So Susan flutter mascara – I am definitely a mascara girl, if you haven’t already noticed and so i’m always on the look out for an amazing mascara. This is not it. It’s brush is very small and doesn’t give my lashes the lift i would want. It does give okay coverage and doesn’t clump which is good so this will be one of those go to mascara’s for lazy days when i’m not looking for full lashes.

The one’s i need to try first:

Nuxe Crème fraiche masque – This masque says leave on your face for 10 minutes before rubbing the excess in & it hydrates & soothes for 24 hours. The Nuxe brand is known for it’s beautiful products so i am very optimistic about this product –  watch this space!

Être belle liplift peel – This is an exfoliator for your lips. Now, i’m unsure if you’re meant to use it then wipe it off or leave it on as it has small beads in it & it doesn’t have any instructions on the tube. hmm, maybe i should find out. Seems like a good product though as the winter can really dry out your lips and make your lipstick flake.


Top – Rimmel BB Cream in Light

Middle – Liplift Peel

Bottom – Crème fraiche masque.

Did anyone get any different products in their glossybox? I’m always intrigued to see!


3 thoughts on “Glossybox – October Pop Art Box!”

  1. Rimmel do that BB cream in ‘very light’ and it’s basically the only foundation that is light enough for me haha 🙂 also the lip peel is so good!! I was a bit confused at first so looked it up. You just massage it into your lips for 1 min then wipe off with water on a cotton pad! Really super soft lips after :3 perfect before wearing lipstick ^.^ the nuxe mask was my fave product this month though – so good 🙂 x

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