Nail of the Week – Mavala & Ciaté

Ciate Big Yellow

My nail of the week this week is a summer inspired theme as i miss the sunshine & i recently acquired the Ciaté – big yellow taxi polish in October’s Glossybox – more of that on Monday!

I used my Mavala Antarctic White as my main colour as i felt the yellow was a little overpowering to paint 8 of my nails in & i used the Ciaté to accent one nail on each hand, giving it that ‘pop’ of sunshine on a miserable cloudy October day! Plus, i’m in love with the Mavala Antarctic white on the left! It’s such a crisp white colour!

Ciate big yello

My Mavala polish has had a lot of love so please excuse the state of the bottle!

Nail of the week_Fotor

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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