My Little Box – The DVF Edition

DVF quote

Today i received this little beauty of a box. I signed up to My Little Box last month & although there was an issue with my first box (sadface), they have kindly re sent another & it will be with me shortly. The good news is i received October’s box on time & boy it does not disappoint! I did a post here about the costs and the concept of the box so if you’re interested, check it out!

DVF front box DVF side box

As this is my first box, i was making sure i looked at the box and the features inside to ensure it was worth the money. On first glance, the outside of the box is very cute. Nice design and as its a Diane Von Furstenburg box, it has a very lovely bold print on the side!

Now, onto the inside:

DVF open box

A lovely little print on card which i was expecting from reviews of previous boxes. A great motivational quote from DVF on there and would look lovely in a frame or on a notice board.

The next thing i see is:

DVF parcel

A parcel! – I opened it to reveal:

DVF scarf

This beautiful bold printed scarf! it’s such good quality being from DVF & has a label with DVF on it. Such a good surprise in the box, i’ve had Glossybox for over half a year now and never got something like this before with them! I can already tell this box will be one of my all time favourites!

DVF scarf boxIt even comes with a diagram showing you how to style it, a scarf, headscarf or bag handle! Such a versatile scarf and beautiful colours.

DVF bag DVF beauty bag

Now, onto the beauty products. I’ve heard so much about the micellar water but never got round to trying it so i’m glad this was one of the beauty products! Also, Kerastase hairspray but i don’t use it that much however, when i do get round to using it i would hope it would be super good as i’ve heard good things about Kerastase. There was also a small hand cream from L’Occitane which is vanilla scented. I’ve had hand cream before & loved it from L’Occitane so i’m sure this will all be gone soon, especially with the cold dry hands winter brings!

DVF offers DVF magazine

A few last bits i found (the box just goes on and on) were a DVF lip motif badge/pin, which is her motif and is different but i like it.

& the magazine. Usually magazine’s in beauty boxes are very sparse but this includes interviews with DVF herself & her colleagues/friends such as make up artists and people who were inspired by her. It also includes wavy hair tutorials, how to do glowing make up among other articles. It’s the biggest and most jam packed beauty magazine i’ve had in a monthly subscription box.

When i receive the first box i was due to get i will let you all in on that too! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Little Box – The DVF Edition”

  1. Wow! What a great box! I really love that scarf and the fact that they gave you card with it showing you different ways to fold it. Great post as always! ❤ xo


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