Rimmel Accelerator Mascara Review!

Rimmel Accelerator Mascara
Rimmel Accelerator Mascara

Hello, new Rimmel Freebie! I picked up this Mascara free with the other 2 Rimmel Products i bought from Boots on Saturday (more on this next week!) and thought i’d let you know how i’m getting along with it.

If you didn’t know, my all time favourite make up item that i absolutely would choose as my one desert island item, is mascara.

The Mascara states Grow Lash Complex + Fibres Mascara so, i’m hoping this mascara would work wonders on my lacklustre lashes.

Here’s my eyelashes without mascara:

Without rimmel mascara
Without rimmel mascara

& here is with:

With rimmel mascara
With rimmel mascara

Left : without, Right: with
Left : without, Right: with

as you can see, my eyelashes are definitely darker and more striking but i think they lack volume. The lashes themselves are longer with the mascara on but they look a bit too sparse for my liking. These photos were taken after a full day wearing the mascara so it doesn’t flake off but i feel like i have had better more dramatic looking effects from different mascara’s.

The wand is not my favourite:

Rimmel Accelerator Mascara Wand
Rimmel Accelerator Mascara Wand

It looks like a fibre brush from afar but it’s more plastic. It has little plastic arms coming off the wand which makes it very harsh on my eyes when i’m applying it. I much prefer fibre brushes as they tend to cling to the lashes and get more product on there!

Overall Verdict:

Considering i got this free i can’t complain about spending anything on it but i wouldn’t part with my cash for this product again. I much prefer my old school Rimmel Mascara as not a lot of the new mascara they bring out lives up to the hype on my lashes. I think if i run out of my trust mascara and don’t have time to get to Boots, or if i’m having a bare minimum make up kind of day, this will be my choice.

Does anyone else have this mascara & does it work for you?


9 thoughts on “Rimmel Accelerator Mascara Review!”

  1. So glad I read this Bev as I’m pretty sure this was the mascara I was about to buy last Saturday. Thankfully I didn’t as I love mascara that gives length and lashings of volume.
    Not too sure if it’s just me but the plastic wands don’t do my lashes justice at all. Honestly, one of the best mascaras I’ve used recently is by Miss Sporty. It’s incredibly well priced at well under Β£5 and really gives my lashes lots of oomph πŸ˜‰ Like you say, the Rimmel Accelerator seems more of an everyday lighter look, just not for me. Great review πŸ™‚



      1. No I haven’t used the L’Oreal yet… funnily enough someone else mentioned that same mascara a few days ago. Sounds amazing! Top of my ‘must have’ list πŸ™‚ x


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