10 things i’ve learnt from blogging about beauty…

Make Up

I have learnt so much from the few months i have been blogging about beauty and a lot of these have been from either trial and error or fellow bloggers posts. Here are the top 10 most important things i have learnt so far:

1 – Always, Always, Always take your make up off before bed! (Make up wipes do not count unless it’s an emergency)

2 – Exfoliate your skin – but not too much or you open up your pores causing more dirt to get into them.

3 – Always use heat protection on your hair, even when only using your hairdryer. – I have had my fair share of inches chopped off my hair to get red of all the horrible dried split ends caused by not using heat protection!

4 – Get enough sleep. – On Friday night i did not get enough sleep and had to spend saturday yawning and not looking great. It affects the way your skin looks which is why they call it beauty sleep!

5 – Do not pick your spots! – Doing this causes them to stick around longer, makes them more red an irritated and can lead to scarring – why would you do this to your face? Try a tea tree oil to reduce redness.

6 – Get your hair trimmed regularly. – No matter how long you want your hair to grow, a trim is necessary. Healthy hair looks better even if it means it’s not as long as you want it to be yet.

7 – Find the right shade of foundation – Yes, you want full coverage but an orange face and white neck isn’t a good look. Get matched up at your local department store and your complexion will be covered and glowing with no orange tones.

8 – It’s eyes or lips not both. – Choose to accentuate one feature of your face. A bold lip or a striking cat eye, but not both.

9 – Go Au Natural – let your skin breathe by having a make up free day. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise and then relax. It will allow your skin to breathe and do you more good than you realise.

10 – Drink more water. – Water is the basis of your skin. It is also a natural antioxidant and will repair your skin and ensure it stays hydrated. You don’t want your make up flaking off and looking lacklustre do you?

& a bonus for good luck – 

11 – Be yourself! – everyone is beautiful whether your look is bronzed beauty or pale and interesting. Whether you choose nude or bold lip, have straight or wavy hair, wear make up or wear no make up. Being true to yourself and your beauty preferences because you are all beautiful!

Enjoy my lovelies!


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