Beauty Review – Vichy Normaderm Night & Day Cream


Vichy was no a brand i’d heard of before i received the 2 Vichy Normaderm products in my September Glossybox. I decided in true blogger fashion to test these out and see what they did and if they were worth buying again.

I only received sample sizes as you can see from above so they didn’t last me very long and i’m pretty sure even the sample sizes were only half full. Sad Face.

So, one is a day cream and one is a night detox cream. So, i decided to read a bit about what these products do so i could work out how to use them! The day cream should “help reduce the appearance of imperfections, revealing a complexion that looks healthier and more even.” The night detox should “target the skin overnight by helping to control the production of sebum while purifying the skin.” Which is perfect for me as i have oily skin!


Day Cream

I used the Day cream instead of my normal Clinique moisturiser which was a little scary at first as this moisturiser is my saviour but hey ho! It felt the same being applied as my moisturiser but a bit thicker. It didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and didn’t cause any problems with my make up, it stayed on all day without a problem.

Night Detox

I put this on after i’d cleansed my face at night and again used it instead of my normal moisturiser. It’s meant to control oil production and by the 2nd morning i’d used it my skin wasn’t oily at all.


After using these samples for a few days i could see a difference in my skin. It was clearer and i did feel a difference. I started to love using these products but preferred the night detox more as by morning my skin felt so much more clean instead of oily however, the day cream just felt like moisturiser.

You can pick these products up direct from the Vichy Website or Boots Stores & Online! The day cream is approximately £12 and night detox approximately £15 but they are worth a try if you can get your hands on sample sizes first!


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