A Monday Treasure Hunt For Me!…


Yes, you heard right – A Treasure Hunt! & not just your old plain treasure hunt, a treasure hunt with a twist. I had been feeling a bit tired and worn down this week so on Monday i came home to the above note. It reads “Owains winning drink game”. The rules were i had to follow each letter to the prize. Ooooo.

Letter A says “In the cupboard with the glasses”


So, i head on over to where we keep the glasses and voila! :



A Hot Chocolate! With chocolate buttons & mini marshmallows. Now onto Letter B – “In the cupboard with the rice”…


and OMG it’s another mug –


It’s a cup of Tea! and then i couldn’t contain myself anymore i picked up Letter C – “In the cupboard with the bread” Oooo… Tense!…


And… Wait for it…


It’s a cup of coffeeeeeee!

Now, i must stress, there was only sugar and either the coffee or tea in the mug. No water or milk as it had been waiting for me all day.


I could not decide, but in the end, i went with a coffee. What a great surprise to come home too, it made a miserable Monday a hundred times more bearable and put a smile on my face for the rest of the evening. 🙂


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