My Start to October…

IMG_0060 IMG_0059

So, it’s finally October! Where has the year gone, it only feels a moment ago that it was the end of 2013. This year has gone so fast & i’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing! Either way, October is my birthday month (26th, for those who wish to know) and it’s also well & truly the month where we all realisewe are being catapulted into Winter. Perfection. 

IMG_0058So far in October, i have upgraded my phone contract & now have a super duper Yellow iPhone 5C. It’s seriously pretty. To put the camera to the test, Me & Owain went for a wander in Ponderosa Park, Weston Park & up to Starbucks in Crooks for a bit of an adventure. Being October & all, i wrapped up but 5 minutes walking i realised it was actually warm & there was loads of people having BBQ’s in the park. So casual.IMG_0012_2

I took some pictures of us & the surroundings because it was all so pretty (us excluded).


Saturday night was all about the free wine i won from work (it ain’t all bad) & lots of tea in my new Little Miss Mug from Tesco! Such a good find, i didn’t need any more mugs but after walking past it 3 times i eventually caved. Owain has a Mr Perfect one also. We are so cool & i am clearly becoming an avid collector of mugs. I might have to do a post on the different mugs we have. They are incredible.


Did i mention we have a Vinyl Batman Clock? If you’ve seen my instagram, you’ll have seen this beauty. It’s from Etsy and you can browse the different ones available here. Trust me, they’re worth it. All for under £25 – perfect for a christmas gift or a treat for yourself or a loved one. This was meant to be for christmas but i’ve awful at keeping secrets!

Hope everyone has had a brilliant start to October too 🙂


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