Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka – Pray For Jules


*For those who haven’t yet seen the news or watched the Japanese Grand Prix, there are spoilers in this post. 

Suzuka was the most anticipated race of the season, amidst a typhoon, not knowing what the weather conditions would be like. The race was made even more exciting by the announcement from Red Bull that Sebastian Vettel would be leaving at the end of this year and joining Ferrari. Nobody could have expected the race to end the way it did.

With a very wet start, the safety car lead the way for the first few laps, until it was deemed safe enough for the race to commence. There were no real accidents throughout the race which was good considering the track was absolutely drenched from pit wall to finish line.

Then Adrian Sutil aquaplaned and hit the barrier on the 43rd lap, just after dunlop corner. What happened next shocked the racing world. As the recovery vehicle was starting to remove Sutil’s car from the side of the track, Jules Bianchi aquaplaned at the same corner and crashed into the recovery vehicle. It has been suggested Bianchi’s car went under the side of the vehicle but the FIA has ordered no video footage is to be released in relation to this racing incident due to the sensitive nature therefore no one is sure at this point and can only speculate.

Bianchi was immediately taken to hospital with severe head injuries and was rushed to surgery. The latest is that he’s out of surgery and in intensive care, breathing on his own but not yet awake.

The race was red flagged and Hamilton declared the winner after 44 laps however, celebrations were the last thing on any racers mind. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jules Bianchi, the 25 year old racing driver – a member of the Ferrari young driver programme who is tipped to be one of the future biggest drivers.

Let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery and is back with his team at Marussia and in the racing seat soon. For more on the story and updates visit BBC news page here.


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