Mallzee – A New Personal Shopper in your Pocket!


Haven’t heard of Mallzee? Where have you been? Mallzee is of course, the new personal shopper you can take with you on the go. They have recently launched a shiny new app which you can download on the App store now! Just click this link and be transported into a world of shopping at your finger tips!

Elle Magazine have called it the “Tinderlike Shopping App” and you can read all about their interview with the brains behind the App * CEO, Cally Russell here.

Basically for those who don’t know, Mallzee is a Fashion App which lets you browse through clothes from all different stores. You can choose to save your outfit picks for later or share them with friends or fellow fashion bloggers.


This is an innovation in shopping. Imagine you’ve been eyeing something up for a while, you save it on Mallzee and then your phone vibrates and voila! Mallzee is telling you the price has dropped 50%. Share this with your partner and he might get the hint to go out and get it for you! (Disclaimer – if they don’t, please don’t hate me, we all know men don’t get hints).

The App uses a swiping motion to let you choose whether you like the item or not and saves your personal style picks.

Mallzee collaborates with over 100+ retailers from high street stores to those vintage boutiques – what’s not too love! You can browse the likes of Boohoo, New Look, John Lewis & Topshop – All your faves!

Okay, so, does it work? 

Well, I’ve been browsing this App for a new winter coat and there are oh-so-many choices and i can browse all coats from all stores and compare them on the same App. I’ve found this so much easier than online shopping as you have to browse one site then go onto another and the whole thing gets tiring and then you need a tea break while you recharge your laptop. But, fear no more! Mallzee has it all in one place.

Here’s a snapshot of my browsing earlier – just look how easy it is to compare!


Look at those pretty coats – I want them all! I can see how much they cost and what store they’re in. Mallzee is always up to date & I can see us becoming great friends.

Just check out what the fashion world is saying about Mallzee:

“Mallzee – the must have fashion app!” – Rosie Fortescue (atfashionforte and MIC)

“Simple, efficient and fun” – Techcrunch

“Really useful for party wardrobe nightmares! – ASOS

“Mallzee makes online shopping a completely social experience! – Fashionnotes

You’re either a dedicated follower of fashion, or have Mallzee– Forbes

If you missed the link above, get yourself there and get the App, you can join millions of people already using this innovative shopping and fashion App – don’t just take my word for it. (Seriously, don’t – get following this link!)


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