Why I Chose To Study With The Open University..


I never went to University. I came close, but chickened out in the end. Towards the end of college i applied to Derby University & Sheffield Hallam and was accepted to both to study Law. Then i decided not to go.

I got a full time job and continued from there. My mum was very unhappy about it and for a while, i felt like i had disappointed her, which was awful. I continued with my job and eventually moved to Sheffield where i am now.

Knowing i had the security of a full time job, i looked into part time courses at University. My job can be flexible and i figured why not study in my spare time. That’s when i stumbled across Open University.

 A Bit About The Open Uni

 You study part time, usually around 16 hours per week and they give you all the materials you need such as books, audio cd’s and video DVD’s. They talk you through week by week and advise you what you need to be reading or studying for that week.

You have a tutor for each module and they have tutorials in the nearest University to you which you can attend at weekends or evenings to receive help with the course and assignments. They are also available to call or email for additional support if you need it.

If you haven’t had student finance before, you can get this studying through the Open Uni but if you have already had it, you can pay for the courses monthly and the price varies depending on the course.

My Experience So Far

I have found it so simple to understand and the essays are challenging but relevant. My tutor is great at sending emails including tips and reminders and runs tutorials once a month in order to prepare us for the essays. You don’t need to attend these but they are great if you do want too, so informative and you get to meet people studying with you so you can help each other.

You get access to your module and qualifications online, meaning you can talk to other students and tutors through forums and access all your assessment scores and module results. I usually receive my essays back 2 weeks after i’ve sent them in and my tutor marks them and gives me feedback.

I started my first module in February and i handed my last essay in September so it’s only approximately 7 months and 1 essay a month. I start my next module in February 2015 (hopefully, as long as i pass this module!) and as it’s part time, i will be studying for around 6 years to get my qualification.

If i pass my qualification, i will get a BSc Hons degree, which is no different to what you achieve in any other university.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of an Open University project where they send things for you do to in order to ensure the website is easy to navigate and use your feedback to change the website.

My Thoughts

I think the Open University gives those who haven’t been able to attend University a chance to study and it welcomes all ages from 18 onwards so you can learn at any time. Payment for courses are flexible, you can use student finance or pay monthly yourself or if you can, for the whole module upfront.

If you want to check it all out go to the Open Uni Website.

I will let you know when i get my module result back, fingers crossed!

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