Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Push up Liner

I recently won the Benefit Giveaway on Clare’s Beauty Blog & was able to choose my own product up to the value of £30.00. Now, i’m a sucker for finding a good eyeliner as most are very fiddly and smudges too easy. I’d heard good things about the Benefit push up liner from friends and wanted to try it myself! So Clare posted it off to me and i was so excited when it came i immediately opened it and tried it out. It’s £18.50 from Benefit stands and online and it’s worth every penny (but thanks to Clare i enjoyed this beauty for free)!

Now, the cap twists off which i did not realise so i sat and pulled at it for a while and panicked that i couldn’t open it. You then remove the orange cap in the top which stops the product from coming out the tip. Next, you twist the bottom until there is a small amount of product peeking out the top & voila, ready to use!

It does take a far few twists to get the product to the top – don’t worry, you haven’t been sold a broken product. Make sure you twist and check on your hand first to see if the product is at the top yet, the last thing you want is to twist it too much and loads to come out the end!


The top of the eyeliner is a rubber guide which makes getting the gel inside as close to your lashes as possible, it’s also perfect for creating those classic flicks. It means you can control the thickness and it doesn’t go everywhere!


I must also say, please invest in a good eye make up remover because this is difficult to remove. I washed my face once with my Clinique liquid soap wash  & then with my Clinique exfoliator and it did not move one bit. I am fairly sure i could wear this eyeliner for a good few days before anyone would notice. Bonus is that it won’t run if you get rained on. Not so good is how sore your eyes get if you don’t have some good make up remover. WP_20140928_009_Fotor

Luckily, i have some Nivea Eye Makeup Remover which is oil based so it glides over your skin and dissolves the make up without hurting your eyes so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin. All you need to do is put some on some cotton wool and wipe over your eye. It’s about £3.50 from Boots, Tesco, Superdrug etc 🙂

Photo on 27-09-2014 at 13_Fotor

& i’m officially a convert!



7 thoughts on “Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Push up Liner”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad it worked for you! There have been those who have had trouble with it but you just have to get the hang of it really. Looks like it didn’t take you long at all! 🙂

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  2. I got to try this eyeliner out a while ago now and I love it (review on the blog if you’re interested). However, yes it is horrendous to remove. If you wear it for a couple of hours then it clings on and is impossible to get rid of however, after a day’s wear I do find it comes off. Benefit have in fact released their own remover specific to their ‘They’re Real’ range… but it’s pricey.

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