I cut my hair!

I used to have the longest flowing blonde locks a girl could wish for. Then i got bored and sick of tangles and cried until my mum allowed me to cut it to my shoulders. Naturally, it scared the life out of me and i didn’t like it but as i got used to it, i loved it. It looked so fresh, so shiny. My hair felt healthier. I was 12.

I have had short hair since and no matter how hard i try to grow it, it gets just below my shoulders and it irritates my neck. I tried to battle through but in the spur of the moment i cut it all off.

So, today i noticed some split ends and decided a trim was needed. Cue the words ‘oh cut it into a bob with longer edges’. WHAT. WHY DID I SAY THAT. Oh well, hair grows.

But i love it. My hair is so much healthier and softer again and this length of hair doesn’t drag my facial features down. I knew my brain was right when it forced me to command it to all be cut off!

Photo on 17-09-2014 at 21_Fotor

et voila!

Much love!


16 thoughts on “I cut my hair!”

  1. Wow you like fantastic, when i had my long hair cut off a few years ago and it was past the middle of my back, my head felt so lite i had a headache for three days lol x


  2. I have long hair (down to my lower back) and in a couple of weeks I have booked my next trim and told my hairdresser a fringe is going in! Terrified but when you feel you need a change then you have to just go for it… and as you say, hair grows back… eventually πŸ˜‰ x


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