Why I love Sheffield…


Sheffield is the first city i’ve lived in & i love it. The bright lights, the tall buildings, the night life, you name it.


I moved here in 2012 and have loved every minute of Sheffield since. I had never been on a tram before i moved to Sheffield, so that was an experience. There’s so many places to eat and drink, including coffee shops and restaurants. My favourite is Tamper coffee shop – such good coffee and such a cute little place to sit and drink. Perfect in Winter.

The night life is amazing, there’s so many places to go, from dance the night away clubs to small dark bars where you can drink  cocktails till the early hours – Old Fashioned anyone?

Meadowhall is just a quick journey on the tram and there’s so many different shops to visit, from clothes shops to the lanes with it’s boutiques and a food court. What’s not to love? Alternatively, the city centre has most of the high street shops Meadowhall does such as Primark, Topshop, M&S and Lush. So if you want to miss the mad rush of Meadowhall you can!

The sights are by far my favourite. The tall buildings against the sky and the university buildings are brilliantly designed. There’s a new building calls The Diamond being built and it’s so Eco friendly and harvests rainwater and will create over 400 jobs which is great for Sheffield. Peace gardens are a beautiful place to sit in the summer and Winter gardens are a cosy place to be in the Winter.

peace gardens town hall


If you haven’t been to Sheffield before, get yourself here. If you have, come back!

sheffield at night


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