My struggle with winter coats…

It’s that time again. Time to start browsing the winter coats and snapping up your favourite ready for the chilly season! Now, Owain has told me that for my birthday, i will be taken shopping to purchase a winter coat so i will have one i like when we go to New York in March. He says this like it will be a walk in the park. Oh how wrong he is.

The issue i have with winter coats is i only like the ones without hoods and pockets to put my cold hands in (i really don’t like gangly arms and hands when walking in a coat). I will buy said coat without hood (and pockets) and then complain profusely when it rains/snows and i have no hood. Umbrella’s are not my thing, i hate them. They blow inside out whether they’re cheap or not and any slightest bit of wind and i’d blow away like Mary Poppins.

Anyway, in light of the aforementioned coat shopping, i decided to prepare myself with a little online browsing and here are the ones i found that i actually semi like:


This coat is from Topshop and has a hood!  I love the colour too! But i generally prefer longer style coats.


This coat is from New Look, and i love the colour, the tie around the waist but, it has no hood. Deal breaker.


This is new in at Primark – lovely colour, great inside lining – but there’s no pockets and no hood. God help me.

Now, there is still a month and a half to go, so hopefully more winter coats will be in stores for winter and i will be sure to show you my coat when i eventually decide on one i like!


10 thoughts on “My struggle with winter coats…”

  1. I have the exact same problem! I was very temped to get the pastel pink coat from Primark (but in a pastel blue) and didn’t like the fact there were no pockets/hood, also it looked a bit like a dressing gown when it was on me!
    Yesterday whilst out shopping I had a cheeky pop into Dorothy Perkins and saw a gorgeous parka coat, I can’t remember if it was long or not though but try checking that out! 🙂

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    1. ooo that’s nice. The only problem i have is that im teeny tiny small so if the coat is a bit thick it makes me look like a football :’)
      I think i’ll have to go and try loads on soon to see what one’s are best! Topshop will definitely be my first stop!


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