My Little Box – The Parisian Beauty Box

beauty box

Bonjour mes amis! Today, i stumbled across My Little Box while scrolling through my blog feed on Which Beauty Box UK’s post.

This box is a monthly Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle box which has come across from France to the UK! Seeing the concept of the box and the products inside, i had to subscribe and my first box is due in September!

The boxes are delicately designed and are all based on a theme. They have previously had a Smile box, which came with beauty products and items to make you smile as well as a Weekend box with a make up bag along with other products. You can see all the previous boxes on their website here. Make sure you check out all the pages, the website is beautiful!

It costs £11 plus £3.95 P&P and you can have it delivered to your work address – imagine that!

I like the concept of this box as it’s different and 80,000 people in France can’t be wrong, surely? So once my box is delivered i will give you all a good look around and let you know what i think!

Would you sign up to this box?

Au Revior!


8 thoughts on “My Little Box – The Parisian Beauty Box”

  1. The boxes should arrive today or tomorrow (I received mine today!). It’s My Little Parisienne Box but NOT the one sent out to the French subscribers back in 2013 – has different items!

    Boxes are posted from France rather than UK and contain 3 beauty products (including one of their own brand). It doe not come with the magazine but a notebook instead which has a brief summary of the company then blank pages (so you can record future box contents perhaps!).

    Items are good quality and the box is super cute so worth £11. Postage isn’t too bad either (£14.95 all in if sent to home address, £13.95 if sent to work – go figure!?).

    Looking forward to next box!

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