Santander British Grand Prix 2013

Yes, i know i’m over a year late in posting these but i lost my phone and lost all the pictures i took with it. I have had to beg my friend Adam to send me his that he took on the day and to let me use them! 

2013-06-29 09_Fotor

A bit about Bev & Formula 1 

I used to hate it with a passion. Seriously, hate. My Grandad used to watch it every sunday and every sunday I would be eating my Sunday dinner and dying a little on the inside. 

Cue 2011 – Sat with my ex boyfriend, he’s watching Formula 1 and i’m reading. Jenson Button is last due to a crash on a wet track and it’s raining, meaning very slippery conditions. I get distracted by things easy and so every so often i would look up. I joked “wouldn’t it be funny if Jenson Button won”. At this point i had no knowledge of any one else in the Grand Prix except the British drive so naturally i wanted him to win if anyone. “He definitely won’t” was the response i got. 

After making my bold statement i decided i needed to watch to see why it wasn’t possible in everyone else’s eyes. He got up to 2nd. I was automatically winning even if he didn’t come first. Then, Vettel skidded and Button went round the last corner to win. Since this race and this day, i have watched it religiously. 

I can tell you all about DRS, KERS, racers names, who they’ve raced for, previous F1 presenters and commentators, new tracks, old tracks, you name it. 

So, when aforementioned Adam won 2 tickets to go see the British Grand Prix last year, a bat of my eyelashes later and i had an invite. Here are some of the pictures he managed to salvage for me:

2013-06-29 13_Fotor 2013-06-29 10_Fotor 2013-06-29 10_Fotorkjwehf


The Canadian Grand Prix is on this Sunday and i’ll be wrapped up in my pj’s watching it. 

Hope you liked the post, do you guys have anything you like that would surprise people?



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