Room 101 – Beauty, Fashion & Hair



So, with Summer over and people (hopefully) running to cover up in cute ankle boots & autumnal scarfs I wanted to think back to what Beauty, Hair and fashion pet hates i have seen over the summer and which i am definitely banishing to Room 101. 

For those of you who don’t know what Room 101 is, it was a TV & Radio show in which celebs discussed their pet hates and wanted them banished to Room 101 which was seen as a ‘fate worse than death’. Things which have been assigned to Room 101 by celebs include People, TV shows, Places and Animals. 

Examples of previous things included in Room 101 are Jeremy Clarkson, QVC, Moths and Room 101 itself. 


My pet hates this summer are:

 Eyebrows too dark for your face. 

Platinum hair and black eyebrows are not a fashion statement, you look messy, stop it. 


Your Midriff.

I have seen far too many young girls midriff’s this summer. It is not best left to the imagination sometimes? Meeting friends for a coffee does not need an appearance from your stomach. 


Friends dressing the same.

There’s 5 of you, you are all wearing black leggings, white converse, leather jackets and of course that previous pet hate, the crop top. You all look the same, which make you all look a lot younger than you probably are. Get your own style. 


Frazzled Hair. 

Girls who straighten there hair to within an inch of it’s life, causing it to snap and burn off. It does not look good. You look like you have an accidental mullet. 


Super long fake nails with a pointy end. 

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Too long. Too Pointy. Definitely not nail shaped. 


Hair scraped back pulling your facial features to the top of your face.

I know buns on the top of your head have been huge this summer but please don’t scrape your hair back so much it makes you look constantly surprised. It’s not good for your face or hair.



I understand everyone has their own opinions but these are just a few things i think definitely need banishing to Room 101. What do you think? 




5 thoughts on “Room 101 – Beauty, Fashion & Hair”

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