Company Mag Eyeliner & Essence ‘I Love Extreme’ Mascara Review

Photo on 01-09-2014 at 15_Fotor

Today, i decided to do a review on 2 recent additions to my make up collection via Glossybox & Company Magazine and try out the winged eyeliner and volume lashes look. 

Now, i’m partial to a winged eyeliner and what better way to test these 2 products out than to create that ultimate winged liner look. 

I got hold of the Company Eyeliner in this months Company Magazine & normally i am not a huge fan of products free with magazines but i love the tip of this one. It’s really pointy and glides on your eyelid really well. It also has good staying power. I used my trusty Absolute New York oil free eye lid primer – which you can read about here – and then applied the eyeliner. It wasn’t as black as i’d hoped on the first application but i went over it a few times and voila! There it was a lovely black winged liner. The tip of the pen gives a really good steady guide to drawing your winged liner on, just like using a pen!

Next it was all about the mascara – now the Essence ‘I love extreme’ mascara didn’t really float my boat when i received it in August’s Glossybox – see what i thought here – but i thought i better give it a go and see if looks are deceiving. Now, the brush is very nice and square and evenly coats the lashes but the amount of product that comes out with the brush is unreasonable. there’s no need for it. If they made a tighter neck, then the extra product would stay in the tube and you wouldn’t be smushing it all over your eyelashes. That said though, once i’d wiped off the additional product, it took to my eyelashes well and really separated them. The colour was indeed ‘Ultra Black’ as stated on the tube and it complimented the eyeliner perfectly. 


Photo on 01-09-2014 at 15_Fotorjtd



Photo on 01-09-2014 at 15_Fotorjhf

Now, i’ve never been good at winged eyeliner but for me, this is a great effort! 🙂 I love how it doesn’t make me look like an Egyptian (its been said before) and how it doesn’t weigh my eyes down with too much product. YAY.

2 things i’ve learnt from this review – 1) never judge products by their packaging or where they come from and 2) you can definitely spend a lot less on everyday products and still achieve the same great look!


Any cheaper products you have found which are just as good as the expensive ones? Let me know below!




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