What’s in my Bathroom?

After just having the best bubble bath of all time, i thought i would let you in on the products which are currently situated on my bath and sink… There’s also a few under the sink – and when i say a few i mean LOADS – but they’re the less used ones i save for desperate times!

Here’s whats currently on my sink:



My Clinique holy trinity of skin care & my Clinique exfoliater. Toothbrushes & mouthwash (the toothpaste is hiding behind the tap) and Owain’s face wash. 


Next is the many many different products i have around my bath:

Bathroom 2_Fotor

Imperial Leather Foam Shower Gel: 2 Dove Body Wash: Pur Dirty Girl Face Mask: Brazilian Keratin Hair Mask: Body Shop Shea Butter Shower Creme & Body Lotion. 




Pro:voke Touch of Silver Shampoo: Garnier Ultimate Bends Shampoo & Conditioner : Radox Bath Bubbles: Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner. 

I love having my products around the bath, it gives it that cosy feeling and doesn’t make my bath look lonely, It also means i can reach everything really easy. On those really bad days or the cold rainy nights i’ll often have a cup of tea and some candles too. 


Hope you liked this nosey into my bathroom and what kind of products i have on hand. 🙂

Let me know what you thought below!

Have a great weekend




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