Nail of the Week!

Photo on 30-08-2014 at 13_Fotorjyf


This week my brain struggled to think of a good nail art pattern i could do so i went with plain nails once again. I decided to use the pink Yves Rocher polish in Rose which i received in my August Glossybox (you can read that post here). Although in this post i only opened the polish and tested it on some card, i wasn’t blown away by it. 

What better way to test it for real than to put it on all 10 of my fingernails!

Now, i have changed my mind with this product from the moment i had painted just 1 of my nails. It glided on smoothly, wasn’t too runny or too thick and the smell i originally thought reminded me of cheap nail varnish was gone! So i continued to paint my nails and voila! The above picture is my result. You do need a few coats to get an even coverage but it dries so fast and it’s not the kind of ‘in your face’ bright pink it’s more of a dark pink. 

Safe to say, i love it! Anyone got any nail art suggestions for me for next week? I’m starting to run out!



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