My Personalised Coca-Cola Bottle – FInally!

Now, i must explain – me and owain never find our name on anything. Ever. They have ‘Bethany’ ‘Beth’ etc and ‘Owen’ but never our names how they are spelt. No novelty beach key rings for us. But then something wonderful happened…

Coca-Cola are making bottles with your name on to buy at just £1.99 for a 200ml bottle, so naturally i got some! The bottle is glass and looks just like any other coke bottle you’d buy from the shop or a restaurant but it has your name on it! If you order 6 bottles, you get free delivery and the delivery is only £2.95. Safe to say, i order pretty much my whole family some after i received these last night. 

They do have a sell by date, as with any coca cola but mines december 2015 but i can still keep the bottle after 🙂 It’s a nice personal gift for people who can’t always find their name (thanks parents) but also a good piece of memorabilia as i’m sure years down the line, people will be reminiscing about the time coca cola put their name on a bottle. And now we have one too 🙂

You can also buy these if you’re in different countries such as France, Denmark and Sweden, but check out the other countries here


Here are ours!




Would you buy these? Do you have difficulty finding personalised gifts with your name..?

Let me know below!




9 thoughts on “My Personalised Coca-Cola Bottle – FInally!”

  1. These are awesome! Surprisingly I’ve never found ‘Rebecca’ despite there being like 3 of us in my year when I was at school – maybe everyone else is buying them all up.
    Do you find coke tastes better out of a glass bottle? Or is that just me?! haha. I mean, I know it must be exactly the same as in a plastic bottle, but theres something about it. Though maybe it’s because I only ever get given glass bottles abroad (flashbacks to holidays in Spain) and apparently their coke recipes are different. Anyways, I digress, enough rambling.
    Cool post! haha.


  2. I’d love to order one with my name! lol.
    I was just telling my hubby that I’ll never find anything with my name on it.
    “Neisa” lol. I’m lucky enough if people pronounce my name right. So I totally understand. 🙂

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