My August Bank Holiday Weekend!

IM BACK! I felt like i lost my arm not being able to post this weekend but fortunately for you lovely people, i did a whole load of fun and childish things to tell you all about! Owain’s friends Tom & Suzie came up to Sheffield from London and we had to show them round and make sure they had fun! 


Here’s a breakdown of my weekend!


Saturday 23rd August

I finished work at 1:30pm (i know, sadface) and met Owain, Suzie and Tom in the pub in town to show them how cheap Sheffield Pints are compared to London pints. I drank a lot of Brooklyn Beer (nom) and had a good catch up and a good laugh. After this it was back to our flat to have a Yorkshire tea because, y’know, they’re in Yorkshire! 

From the flat we went to the Brooklyn Steak Bar & Grill across the river for food. OMG STEAK. It was amazing. The food is gorgeous and the staff are so friendly. Just after we arrived a couple of guys turned up with their guitars and we had live acoustic music. The food was well priced, we had starters, a main and a few drinks and it came to approximately £30.00 each. BARGAIN. A few beers, an amazing starter and the best steak i’ve ever had we headed back across to the flat. FULL and TIRED we had a few more beers and decided to call it a night. After all, everyone had been up since VERY early. 

If you want to check out the Brooklyn go here – If you live in or near sheffield and haven’t been, get yourself down there! 


Sunday 24th August

Waking up bright and early, french toast and Tea was on the menu. It was the first time i’d had french toast and the first time owain & tom had made it but thankfully it was lovely and the flat was not burnt down. 

After breakfast and a few coffee’s later, we headed to the English Institute of Sport for a spot of Ice Skating. I’ve lived i sheffield for 2 years and have never been here but it’s amazing. It wasn’t too busy and there were strobe lights and music. It’s good for all ages and all types of skaters whether you’ve never been or whether you’re a pro! It came to £8 each with the skate hire and it ran from 1pm till 3.30pm which was more than enough time! There’s also parking and the tram gets you there so it’s easy to get too pretty fast. 

After Ice Skating we headed to Valley Centertainment and decided we hadn’t finished with being children so went for a round of crazy golf! At £2 for a group of 4 it was a good surprise. It wasn’t busy at all and we had a good laugh. There’s a few pictures above but it was a pirate island with monkeys and trees and everything! I came joint second but i want to go back to WIN!

Handmade Burger Company was next on the menu as we were all starving! Mozzarella and  beef burger with tomatoes the size of my face! It was very much needed. If you’re never visited, look here and then make sure you book a table as soon as possible! It’s not expensive and i got mine and owains burger, a side of peri peri chips and 2 bottomless drinks for £28.00. WOOP. 

As Sunday was bank holiday night we got back to the flat, changed and headed to The Riverside pub. Great location along the riverside and a lot of outside seating so we could enjoy the evening. A well spent evening listening to the music and drinking Strawberry & Lime Rekordalig! We didn’t leave until we got asked too and we found so great graffiti in the toilets – someone had marked the graffiti out of 10 and given them a comment like a teacher. 🙂

Finally home time and a few more beers and a good chat about anything and everything and we were all asleep. 

Monday 25th August

First on the menu was breakfast. Owain & Tom went and bought bacon, sausages, tomatoes, beans, eggs, mushrooms and Oj and made the best breakfast i’ve had in a long time – i was so ready for it! A few cups of tea, coffee and juice, we settled down to watch The Amazing Spiderman & Filth – Filth was amazing by the way! After this, it was time to say goodbye to Suzie & Tom and get them off on the train back to London. 

A long hot shower later, me and Owain settled down to watch the Spa Grand Prix we’d recorded and Made in Chelsea NYC with a pizza and garlic bread. 


Safe to say i had an awesome weekend and now time for a quiet week to make up for it! How did your bank holiday weekends go? Let me know below!




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