Yes i went to Harry Potter World – Watford.

Yes, i went to Harry Potter world. Now, this could possibly have been the most excited i’ve ever been and i’m almost 24. 

I thought i would share some photos of the day and hopefully inspire you all to go! It cost about £30/£40 for a ticket and then we got the train down to watford and then the special Harry Potter bus to the studios. The ticket you buy gets you an audio headset which is really informative & i know most people would look at it and go, ‘erm no i know all there is to know about HP’, but it’s amazing!!! So many HP facts, so little time. 


You get to walk around the tour yourself & it starts by walking though the doors of the Great Hall… & the magic begins. Not having tour guides to walk you round means you get to take your time & enjoy the day 🙂 There’s even butterbeer!!

Enjoy the photos 🙂

**spoiler alert – the last 2 photos were the epic ending to the tour, read on but don’t say i didn’t warn you**














11 thoughts on “Yes i went to Harry Potter World – Watford.”

  1. I’ve been twice now, I was genuinely almost crying at the end hahahahahaha what a loser i am. 😉 & I butter beer was too gross for me! I feel like it should be hot and still, not cold and fizzy!;) Great post! Emma x


      1. So was I! Did you spend all your money in the shop at the end? 😉 I know I did! 😉 It is!! Emma xx


      2. I got lost in the shop at the end, lost all my friends and then wandered round picking up wands and putting them back because i couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on a wand.


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  3. […] First up – A picture from when i went to Harry Potter Studios in Watford last year. Such a good trip but it was so tiring. It made me so happy to relive Harry Potter and see all the props and sets they used, i even got to try a bit of Butterbeer! Definitely worth a trip if you haven’t been – it’s a great day out. See this post for more of this trip! […]


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