Nail of the Week

I bet you’re all wondering what nail design i will be doing this week but if you’ve seen my Instagram (check  out the follow me page for the link), then you’ll know i went for a plain nail this week. Now, i did my nails yesterday as i had a day off work and i am a very busy bee this weekend. Owain’s friends are coming up from London (yes DARN SARF) and we have a whole range of things to do, so unfortunately, i won’t have time to put posts up BUT, i will have a huge array of news and adventures for you when i return on Monday, trust me!

So here are my weekend nails –


Photo on 22-08-2014 at 18_Fotor2 


I decided i would keep them simple as the last 3 weeks have all had designs and i wanted to use my white nail polish as it’s so pretty and classic!

It will have probably all come off by the time the weekends out but i wouldn’t blame it, i’ll barely have time to sit down!

What are you all planning for you bank holiday weekend? Anything exciting? Let me know below, but whatever you’re all doing, have lots of fun!



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