Treat Yo Self Shoe Edition!

Realising all the shoes i own are black, i figured it was finally time to branch out and buy shoes in a different colour. Cue a New Look shoe shop!

When i got my lovely polkadot bag – see that here – I had a browse through the shoe section as well. Now, i figured i needed some flat shoes to wear with my jeans as light denim jeans don’t always go with black shoes. So i picked up these little simple beauties in the sale:


They are just little white pumps but they are so comfy and make any casual outfit look fresh and give my feet a lovely crisp summer feeling. This means i can now wear light denim jeans and my feet won’t stand out a mile wearing black shoes. How did i ever cope before? Why did i not realise all my shoes were black until now?

So while i was picking up these, for only £6 i thought, Hell yeah i can afford to get another pair of shoes without breaking the bank. I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks this! 

I needed some boots with a medium heel as the weather is taking a turn for the worst and it’s definitely getting colder (sigh). I know autumn/fall outfits look great with heeled black boots and a bonus – they will keep your feet warm and dry when it starts to rain because lets face it, it’s bound to rain for most of the rest of the year. 

That’s when i saw these:



& i love them! They are so comfy and i can walk in them without struggling or feeling like i am going to fall over. I’ve seen so many versions of these boots and i looked at ones in Next for £40.00 but i decided to buy the New Look ones as they were cheaper at £25.00. 🙂

I wore these to work yesterday but because i haven’t worn heels in ages (i have weird toes that need surgery at some point) but i enjoyed wearing these and as soon as they stop giving me blisters on my toes, i’ll be a happy bunny. I can’t complain though, everyone complimented me on them and i was a bit taller for a day!

Have you recently purchased any shoes that you absolutely love? Let me know, i’m looking to branch out into the world of not just owning black shoes… 🙂



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