The No Make up Post

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The scary dreaded no make up post time has arrived. I always wanted to do one of these, to showcase how good my Clinique 3 step skin care routine has been working but have never plucked up the courage. 

As today is my day off work, i’m wearing no make up and giving me hair a break from heat, so i thought ‘what the hell, lets do this’. 

Now, like many girls i am terrified of being without make up all over the internet however, i am not ashamed of how i look without make up. Plus, my skin is so much better than it has been and i’m so happy with my skin care routine. (I’ve also just stocked up on my clarifying lotion as i’ve almost ran out (NOO)!

You can read my post about my Clinique 3 step skin care here. It has changed the way i feel about going make up free and my skin looks so much clearer!  It’s also so smoooooth 🙂 

Do you guys have any skin care routines you swear by or that have done great things for your skin? Would you go make up free for the world to see in the name of beauty?

Let me know below!

Happy reading guys, don’t judge too harshly 😉





12 thoughts on “The No Make up Post”

  1. I wouldn’t say that I have had much of a ski care routine, but after a recent bout of break outs and making a couple of small changes my skin is now back to normal but no means clear so I’m starting to get into skin care products but so far haven’t got passed the researching stage! Will definitely have to look into Clinique!x

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  2. I use the Rogan and Fields Unblemish routine daily and use a oatmeal/milk mixture to exfoliate once a week. It has totally changed my skin. I would love to rock a no make-up look (I use to NEVER wear make-up) but I have some broken capillaries on my cheeks that I am not a big fan of! Your skin looks GREAT by the way!


  3. I have been using the body shop Camolie cleansing oil, biore deep pore charcoal cleanser, st Ives great tea scrub ( only once a week), garnier toner, body shop vitamin e serum and simple moisturiser with SPF 30.

    I will go make up free one day I’ll put a post up about it ( not sure when it will be though haha)

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