August Glossybox!

Happy Wednesday lovelies. Now, i’m a little late with my Glossybox as i wasn’t in when it was delivered on Monday and i’ve had to wait until now to pick it up from the post office, but i got straight on to opening it and i rushed home (which wasn’t really rushing considering i was stuck in traffic) so i could tell all you lovely people about it. 😀



This month Glossybox celebrated it’s 3rd birthday! The design of the box was different this month also, it was more sharp with the edges of the box and it was matte pink instead of shiny pink. Personally, i like the new box better, it looks more stylish and less – greasy (sorry, i couldn’t think of another word). I have included a picture above and of the leaflet inside which was a full booklet describing the products inside instead of a piece of card outlining them. There was also a message from the CEO, which was thoughtful 🙂


So here’s what was inside my box:




& here they are with a bit more detail:


Kryolan Highlighter Cashmere:


This was a full sized product and i’m really happy as i’ve been dying to try a new highlighter to see how they work for me before i commit to buying one. After all, i don’t want to buy one that makes me look like a ghost! This is £12.95 normally and it’s a very creamy texture. I tried a bit on my hand and it glided on and didn’t look stupidly greasy or shiny. The tub is also very cute… This gets the seal of approval 🙂


Fiss & Rouge Mini Hand cream:



The packaging is so pretty and colourful for this hand cream. It would be £6.95 for a full size and i can’t say i use hand cream regularly enough to warrant spending on it as i tend to overuse it and my hands turn into a greasy mess. It smells divine and if i didn’t have a ‘put the hand cream on your hands bev every 5 minutes’ disease, i would probably buy it again! I tried it out and it left my hand super soft due to the shea butter it contains and didn’t make my hands too greasy!  I would like to think the full size product has the same bright packaging! This also gets the seal of approval! 🙂 

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer:



Now, i haven’t tested this yet, purely because you need to put it on wet hair and leave it 10-20 minutes. It’s a pre shampoo treatment and full size is £38.00 (WOWEEEE). It doesn’t smell of anything and I will definitely do a review of this after i use it! This product also comes with 1/3 off Phillip Kingsley 250ml Anniversary Elasticizer – if anyone wants the code, let me know, it’s valid until 15/9/14. Keep your eyes peeled for my review and to see if i approve of this product!

Yves Rocher Nail Polish:



This product is TINY but full size it normally £3.60. I’m not sure i’d buy this colour, it’s a sort of deep baby pink but not bright. It’s part of a nude collection however, this product didn’t really blow me away. I had difficulty opening it – i have tiny hands and the brush handle is tiny but i struggled! God knows how people with bigger hands coped! I have a lot of pink nail polishes so i wasn’t excited about this and the smell reminds me of the cheap nail polish you get that never dries. Not tested fully yet but once i do, i will let you know!

Essence ‘I love extreme crazy volume’ mascara:



This looks like one of those mascaras you pick up from cheap stands or make up aimed at younger girls. It’s bright pink and costs £2.79 so i wasn’t expecting much. The brush is very nice though, very structured and easy to apply. It doesn’t dry very quickly though and it still came off when i touched it a few minutes later. This is a problem for me. I tend to rub my eyes or around my eyes a lot without realising (BOOO). I will continue to use this when i run out of my current Clinique mascara but for now it’s back up! I feel bad no giving it a seal of approval but it’s not my cup of tea. 😦

Lalique L’Amour Perfume:



This was sample of perfume and i’m still using my sample of ghost i got a few boxes ago – i keep forgetting i have it so i still have some left! The full soze of this product is £67.00 (WOWEEE). It does smell very old and there is a hint of musk. After it’s settled, it does give off a bit more of a musky smell but i’m not sure i like it. It also took me ages to figure out how to open it… It had a cap and then just a flat surface – i realised after a while you had to just tip it and dab it. Weird. I wouldn’t purchase this for myself even if it was cheaper so for that i don’t give it my seal of approval! 😦


So people, there is my Glossybox this month! I’m impressed with some of the products however, i thought they’d do more for their 3rd anniversary… For summer they did a box where at least 3 of the products were full size and i loved them all. This didn’t wow me but i’m glad i got things i haven’t tried before and so excited for the highlighter. 


I’ve been seeing a lot of other boxes on here from reviews i may try so watch this space 🙂

Do you have any boxes to recommend or did you agree/disagree with my comments on the items in this months Glossybox?Let me know! 🙂 


P.s … it’s halfway to Friday, just 2 more days guys!



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