My Sunday Outfit & Face

Before i got absolutely drenched by the rain i got a few shots of my dress and face 🙂 Like i have said previously, my skills are not photography but hopefully one day i will get at least a little better at it (at least i am in the picture and it’s not just my foot…)



I’m still getting used to the blonde hair, after 7 years of being a brunette! But i put on a bit of my Kate Moss Lipstick (bring pink, as always) and felt awesome. UNTIL I GOT RAINED ON. 

Hopefully i’ll be doing more posts on outfits and faces as it might help me co ordinate more and actually experiment with make up!

Let me know what you’d like to see guys!


P.s… after getting rained on i got one of these:



So it wasn’t all bad… 


Now, excuse me while i got watch a rom com in bed and drink some hot chocolate. 





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