TopShop Wish list August Edition

Pale lace up trainers_Fotor_Collage


Considering my pay will hit my bank tonight, i’m doing all i can to resist putting all these items into my Topshop basket and waiting for that moment when i can click ‘proceed to checkout’ however, i’ve decided to wait and go shopping in real life so i can try clothes on and browse. It will also ensure i don’t buy too much as soon as i’m paid as i am not that strong and can only carry a small amount of shopping at a time. 

Seeing as though the summer weather is clearly on the way out and autumn (or fall) is nearly here, my basket consists of those big chunky knits and autumn colours for eyes and cheeks. A new bag is always on the cards and what better way to add colour than a cute satchel. I’ve also thrown some white pumps in there to pair with my washed out denim to give it more of a crisp fresh look. 

Knowing me, i will probably not be able to chose between these items and end up with them all and living off bread and jam for the rest of the month!

Keep it here for an update on which items i do buy – i may even branch out and buy things not on my wish list! 

Right now, i’m off to enjoy a fresh bacon sandwich & be completely lazy today before work tomorrow!




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