Clinique Exfoliating Scrub for Oily Skin Review



Now, currently i’m a lover of all things Clinique, i’m relatively new to the brand and have only been purchasing their skincare for a month or 2 but a month ago when i was restocking from the start pack i got (which you can read about here), i picked up the above exfoliating scrub. 

I’ve used this twice a week since i bought it and it’s a beautiful product. When it hits your skin, it instantly refreshes it and sends a wave of cold refreshing tingling sensations across your face. I’m not even joking. 

The first time i used this i was blown away and figured it was only because my skin was new to the product but every time i’ve used it, i’ve had the same refreshing feeling on my face. 

Now, the scrub is white and very scrub like, however it’s not harsh on your skin. There’s no perfume’s in it, so no dodgy smell and it doesn’t flare your skin up with a red rash. This completely exfoliates any dead skin from my face and gets it ready for make up as my skin is so smooth, my moisturiser and foundation glide right on. 

I’ve also found that after i’ve been using it for 4 weeks, it’s really helped my skin and it looks a lot clearer – i’d show you a photo but i’m having a hair up, no make up kind of pj day!

Safe to say i will be purchasing this product again and i will be exploring what other great skin care products Clinique have to offer as i can safely say all the ones i’ve tried so far i’ve been very impressed.

I know everyone’s skin is different and i couldn’t say how good they would be for your skin but Clinique do a skin match to match you to the best products for your type of skin including foundations! It’s worth a try if you’re ever near a Clinique counter!

Do you have any Clinique products, whether it’s skin care or make up that you swear by? Let me know below…



2 thoughts on “Clinique Exfoliating Scrub for Oily Skin Review”

  1. I have this! I agree, it works every time just as well as the first time. It makes my skin feel so smooth and clean, I absolutely love it. I also feel like it clears up my skin if I’m breaking out.


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