Challenge Bev, Take 2!



Having just demolished a Kebab takeaway and drank my body weight in coke, i felt disgusting. Now, i’m all for a good takeaway on a Saturday night and having a good old binge, but i feel this week i have been drinking more cups of sugary tea than i have water, and i feel like my skin is taking the toll. 

So, i’ve decided from tomorrow, i will be starting a new challenge (& hopefully not failing this time) – I will allow myself ONE, yes ONE, hot drink with sugar in per day for a whole week. Any other drink i have must be water. 

Normally, i don’t have nay problems drinking a lot of water but this week it’s seemed to go out the window. So, i will get myself back on track with another challenge to keep me motivated!

This will also have a great effect on my skin and body and you never know, i may even go for a run one day!

Keep watching this space for updates on my progress!

Ever thought of challenging yourself? Let me know below!



4 thoughts on “Challenge Bev, Take 2!”

  1. I don’t have a problem with drinks that have sugar in it – I used to, but I guess it was a phase. Now I can’t stop eating chocolate, I don’t care about chips, popcorn or candy anymore, chocolate all the way! So I challenged myself to eat it maximum 2 times a week haha:)Would you like to check out my blog & follow me on bloglovin(I always follow back)? :))



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