Illamasqua Skin Base & Matte Primer Review



I’ve had these products for a while and recently came across them again when i moved flats. I had never heard of Illamasqua previously and so i decided to pop along to my local debenhams and get matched up!

Unfortunately, the girl who did my base matching didn’t really know what she was doing and i left with the above products thinking they were my colour and parted with my good hard cash. On my return home, i saw just how pale i was. Now i’m as pale as pale can get, but the foundation shade SB02, goes beyond pale.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the texture and the finish on the foundation is amazing, albeit i was a casper the friendly ghost shade of white but it didn’t half look smooth and flawless. I wish she had given me a correct shade for my skin tone and i would go back to get it re matched but i’m too scared it wont be done and i’ve completely been put off!

As you can see above i also purchased the Matte Primer as well. I didn’t want to do a bad review but i really didn’t like this… The texture was gooey and a bit on the runny side and shiny… Why is it shiny when it’s supposed to be matte? Anyway, i used it and wasn’t blown away with the results 😦 It didn’t made my skin matte and i prefer more high street primer brands such as rimmel or maxfactor.


Now, one thing i got thrown in free was the Skin Base Mixer in white (because clearly she didn’t think i was pale enough already). It’s supposed to be used in the foundation to make it lighter – WHO NEEDS THIS ANY LIGHTER?? – but i’ve never mixed it into the foundation (i’m sure you understand why right about now) but i figured it would be a pretty good highlighter as it’s very pale and used in moderation can give you that highlighted effect.


Skin Base shade SB 02 on the left; Skin Base Mixer on right.

One day i may be tempted to venture back over to the illamasqua stand but alas, now is not that time!


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