What i wore on Wednesday…

I thought i’d share a few pictures with you of what i wore to work today. Considering i got rained on for the last 2 days, i thought a skirt or dress would be risking it too much, so i went with my Topshop leggings and a Primark collared top. (i still got rained on and failed to have an umbrella or anything to cover my head SADFACE)



Topshop Leggings

These leggings are my fave, they’re green plaid and super comfy! I got them from the petite range in Topshop, because y’know 5ft lady over here, and i always wear them.


Photo on 13-08-2014 at 10_Fotor


Primark Top

This is a lovely collared top which has a flower pattern with see through parts (you can probably see this better in the picture above) but it’s  lovely tailored fitting top and perfect for work and summer. 

And here is my Wednesday face! 

Photo on 13-08-2014 at 09_Fotor

Not a lot going on, just Revlon colour stay foundation, soap and glory concealer, Clinique mascara and rimmel blush 🙂 I tend not to overdo the make up for work as i feel i want to make an impact on weekends and night’s out by a bright lipstick or a brilliantly black cat eye. I like it when make up is kept simple for work and then people don’t recognise you when you’re out. Also, i feel it gives your skin a break if you don’t pile on the foundation on a daily basis!


What did you guys wear today, and it there anything different you do with your everyday work face? Let me know below!





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