Challenge Bev! – Update

I’ve got another confession to make (foo fighters style, even though i haven’t made any previous confessions) but..


I’ve already failed my bare skin challenge. I know, i’m so bad. I hereby give you my testimony and you can decide for yourself whether i should be punished… Please be gentle!


Well, it started at the weekend when my brain went ‘LETS DO A CHALLENGE KIND OF POST’ yeah, good one Bev. I chose to do no foundation or concealer on my skin for a whole week. Now, i tried. I tried ever so hard but i think my skin must have heard me tell it i wouldn’t be giving it a beautiful flawless coverage each day and ganged up on me. 

I got a spot on my chin, one of those huge under the skin ones… and then one on my forehead, where my fringe doesn’t fall to hide AND THEN as if those 2 weren’t bad enough, i got one right on the end of my nose. 

So i decided i couldn’t go out in public like this, scaring children and all that so i put some concealer on and a little foundation. Granted it was a lot less than i normally apply but in the bigger picture i failed. But in my mind, my skin ganged up on me and did this on purpose. 

Anyway guys, sorry for being a let down but i figure it’s time to start thinking about a new challenge, and sneak up on my brain so it doesn’t realise. I might stop using my straighteners and my hair might rebel and fall out!

Don’t let this put you off challenging yourself and remember: you probably broke all your new years resolutions anyways 🙂



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