Treat Yo’ Self Nail Polish Edition

Yes people, you know it. Yesterday i decided to ‘Treat Yo Self’ (if you don’t watch Parks & Rec – get out…) and purchase some new nail polish.

After spending the morning at work yesterday discussing nail art as i needed to sort my nails out desperately as last weeks polish was chipping away, i decided it would be a good idea to venture into boots for some new nail polish.

I was expecting the little rimmel or barry m stands i could peruse but what i didn’t know what that i’d come across this…





So after a while of looking and being told with any 2 nail polishes you get a free Nails Inc aqua coloured polish i chose a simple pearl white colour and a pistachio green colour.


It’s not the best picture but it’s the best i could do with the awful weather outside 😦

The 2 Mavala Polishes were £4.95 each and the Nails Inc was the free one. So i got £21.50 worth of nail polish for £9.90. I feel this is a victory in itself.

I couldn’t wait to use these so i got to work straight away, and here is what i created:


and yes, those are Marvel Pj’s.

Both polishes are really good quality and dry very quickly, i knew the Nails Inc one would be good because i have the nail polish products already but i’ve never used the Mavala ones but i think i will continue to in the future… They have some amazing colours (they are the polishes in the bottom picture of the stands above) and i’m really happy with my purchases!

i decided on a blue and green gradient and it took me about an hour to do, but i got there! It’s very bright but i love it 🙂 Next week i may incorporate the white polish in but i’m unsure how. At least i have a week to decide.

Have any of you done any interesting nail art? Share it with me below!


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